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PCA Choice is an option of the Minnesota Personal Care Assistance program that allows patients who receive PCA choice services to choose the agency that hires, trains, and supervises their PCAs. As a PCA Choice agency provider, North Star Health Alliance manages payroll, invoices the insurance carriers, is responsible for all payroll-related taxes and insurance and is responsible for providing qualified professional services to support the patient in the management of their personal care needs.

We are committed to working with patients, their family, and their case managers in providing the best of care consistent to individual Plans of Care.

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Personal Care Assistants

Friendly Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) are the frontline of our home healthcare services. We provide friendly Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) who are qualified to assist with a range of tasks throughout the day. PCAs can assist with meals, grooming, taking out the trash, toileting activities, mobility, and more. Click here for a detailed list of PCA duties.

Adult Daycare Services

The North Star Adult Daycare program has been active since 2008. This program is ideal for family members with chronic conditions who need day-time supervision. Our adult daycare program provides transportation, meals, as well as therapeutic and social activities. We focus on preventative treatment as well as providing basic care, physical and memory training.

Click here for more information on our Adult Daycare program.

Qualified Professional Overseers (RNs)

PCAs perform their duties under the supervision of Qualified Professionals who have Registered Nurse (RN) certification or higher. Our Qualified Professionals perform the following tasks:

  • Develop patient care plans
  • Develop and oversee patients month-by-month and, when appropriate, change or update the patient care plan
  • Train, orient and evaluate new PCAs
  • Visit each patient or client every 180 days
  • Supervise the delivery of PCA services
  • Ensure patient health and safety needs are met
  • Document changes in condition and request & refer assessments/reassessments

Insurance Information

North Star Health Alliance is an approved and contracted MN DHS MHCP provider.

Insurance carriers accepted for PCA Choice services are: BCBS Bridgeview EW, HealthPartners, Medical Assistance (MA), and UCare.

Insurance carriers accepted for adult daycare services are: HealthPartners, UCare, BCBS Bridgeview EW, and Medical Assistance – Disclaimer: Patients must have/qualify for Elderly or CADI Waiver.

Private pay patients are accepted as well.

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